Q: What is the difference between a graphoanalyst, a graphologist, and a document examiner?

The word "Graphonanalyst" is a term trademarked by the International Graphoanalysis Society (IGAS) designating an individual who trained in that school. A Graphoanalyst and a graphologist both evaluate personality based on observations made from handwriting.

Serious practitioners use this for personnel assessment or counseling. Some use it for jury screening. There are other individuals who read a book or two on the subject and use it for fun and entertainment. Graphology belongs in the field of psychology.

Questioned document examination is a branch of the forensic sciences. Document examination is employed in law enforcement investigations and prosecutions and in civil litigation. [See "What does a document examiner do?"].

The one common denominator between graphology/Graphoanalysis and document examination is that both involve handwriting. Training in document examination does not include graphology principles, and graphology has no relevance to the practice of document examination.

Q: Are Graphonomics and Graphology the same?

Absolutely not! Graphonomics is the multi-disciplinary field of fundamental and applied experimental research of handwriting movements and related motor skills. The International Graphonomics Society (IGS) holds biennial conferences to present current research in motor control as applied to handwriting and drawing, for educational and remedial purposes, and for specific purposes such as in paleography, security, and forensic work. (

Graphology is the study of handwriting to extract personality traits and create a profile of the individual. The confusion seems to be (STEM FROM) an organization called the International Graphoanalysis Society (IGAS), because of a similar acronym.